Adult Learning

Sunday Lectionary Scripture Study (facilitated by Deacon Tom)

Biblical Study related to the Scripture passages of the Sunday Lectionary Readings: Focusing on the Liturgy of the Word for the following Sunday, we explore the inspired Word of God to see how God speaks to us in the various passages of the Bible. We gather in Fr. Johnson Hall each Wednesday evening starting at 6 30 PM for a period of one hour and fifteen minutes.

Bring a New American Standard Study Bible if you have one. If you’d like to get on the email list for the weekly distribution of the basic materials please contact Deacon Tom at

If you can’t commit to our weekly gathering, check out the following websites for your personal Prayer, Study and Reflection: Select the appropriate day on the Calendar found on the right middle side of the website page. The website for the related Scripture passages commentaries (explanations) can be found at