This Week at St. Mary’s by the Sea



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This Week at St. Mary’s by the Sea 


Friday, February 15

8:00 am Mass for Johnny Chavez (L)

9:00 am Cenacles of Life

1:00-4:30 pm Weekly Adoration

6:00 pm Stewardship Committee Potluck & Meeting


Saturday, February 16

8:00 am Mass for Rev. Quang Chu (L)

9:00 am Re-Lit Program/EvangelizationWeek 4

10:30 am Funeral

3:00 pm Confessions

5:00 pm Mass for MaryRose Skoylan (L)


Sunday, February 17

7:30 am Mass for the soul of Janie Nagel (RIP)

9:00 am Mass  for Joette Ceballos (L)

10:30 am Mass  for the People of the Parish Living & Deceased

12:00 pm Latin Mass  for the soul of  Jenny Rogers (RIP)

12:30 pm Legion of Mary weekly meeting


    CLICK HERE for weekly calendar in the parish bulletin.