Since Jesus established the Church over 2,000 years ago, the Faith has spread throughout the world. Currently, there are 76 million Catholics in the U.S., but less than 24% of them attend Mass regularly. The New Evangelization can be simply defined in 5 words: the re-evangelization of the baptized. This program is an opportunity to recharge and ignite our love of God and the Church.

Led by Michael Dopp, STL, this training program is an exciting and integrated set of 18 sessions, which help form the participants theologically, spiritually, and practically so that we as a parish, and you as individuals, may more fully live out our fundamental mission of the Church.

If you’ve ever questioned yourself on how you could share the Catholic faith, how to proclaim the good news, how to share the Gospel, how to be a personal evangelist, then please plan to attend this exciting program. Contact the parish office to inquire about the next scheduled sessions.

Note that fees for the next class has not yet been determined. Check back for the posting of future schedules.

Periodically, the parish Evangelization team will add materials to this site to broaden the availability of complementary and supplementary documents that provide tools to help Catholics learn and develop their Evangelization tools.

At the end of Session One, Michael Dopp ‘virtually’ led the participants in what he calls the YES prayer. It is a prayer that helps us focus on our purpose and reason for the meaning of life. It is a prayer that helps us center our attention on God. Informally known as the YES prayer it is additionally titled: HAVE YOU EVER TOLD GOD YOU LOVE HIM? To access this powerful prayer, click here:

Sometimes, we take for granted what we see in front of us or become so habitually focused that we fail to recognize the tools that God has given us to proclaim the Good News about who Jesus is and why He became human. The fundamental reality of our Catholic Faith can be concisely stated in what the Church calls: the Pascal Mystery – the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Surprisingly, if Catholics would only look beyond the rituals of the Mass – the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist, they would find the richness of our Faith. For some, this may be the great “AHA” starting point of reinvigorating their own Relationship with God in the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity. To assist the reader to refresh their own personal faith, see THE MASS AS A TOOL OF EVANGELIZATION. To access this document: click here:

A separate document itemizes the key components on the structure of the Mass – The Mass as a Tool of Evangelization. Recently, a post on Facebook provided a script/scenario on how to use the Mass as a fundamental tool for Evangelization. To access this document titled – I was Catholic Once: click here:

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If you are curious about how you can serve God with your unique Talents and personal Treasure, see the Spiritual Gifts Inventory. This section of the website describes the way we can carry out the Works that God had intended for us. To get to the Spiritual Gifts Inventory page, click here.