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                   Rummage Sale

                                         Friday    Saturday

                                       JUNE 16      JUNE 17

                                       8am-1pm       8am-1pm

We will be collecting your *donated items for the Rummage Sale

June 10th – 15th, 10am-5pm ONLY!

(No drop-offs unless we are able to put them in the Hall! We cannot leave items blocking entrance ways or in the parking lot. And there is NO bin in the back parking lot this year for collecting.)

Because this is a 1-week job, we will ONLY be accepting nice, SELLABLE items. PLEASE use your best judgement when bringing something.


-Anything broken, dirty, torn, stained, unsanitary (used bathing suits and worn underwear, or ANY opened packages of anything not individually wrapped).

-We won’t have time to fix, match, or clean items… So we’re asking for QUALITY this year instead of QUANTITY, please! 

Also different this year:  There will be NO pick-up or delivery service for any items, near or far, large or small or numerous. We just don’t have the capable man-power to do so


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